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How To Setup dropcam | dropcam login

Cameras with an exceptional capturing angle quality, covering all the activities or object within the 130-degree range, provides you with the facility to seize a better viewing sight.  Drop cam cameras are adapted to provide their optimum utilization to the users with the help of various tools integrated within them. These are the high definition security cameras, which can be fixed at your office, home, local business area or anywhere. Whether you want to monitor your children activities or save your house from being the victim of a robbery, you can take the efficient use of these devices to avoid any type of mishaps.

The users are even provided with the drop cam login interface to even remotely manage their devices outside their Wi-Fi reach.

Share the video with other people (Dropcam setup)

These cameras are contained with heavy storage capacities providing the user convenience to store their videos and snapshots within the storage. In every motion alert, Dropcam takes a snapshot and stores it in its storage and ultimately deliver it to your mail. The users are aware of taking the video but most users are not aware of that portion of the functionality of the camera, through which they can share those videos with the people. The interface of these cameras interacts through Dropcam login.

There are particularly three ways through which you can share the video through your Drop camera

  1. Invite the people with whom you want to share the video to join your Nest through the Family account.
  2. Share the stream through a fully protected link along with the password.
  3. Share your product publically to allow them to watch the stream. To whom you want to see the stream, with them you can share the link

The most important sharing process is with the fully protected link, as most of the users utilize this process to share their videos. This is the most secure and convenient sharing process which doesn’t allow any unwanted user to hop into your storage and get access to your stream.

dropcam login

Drop cam features (Dropcam login)

Drop cam device makes one of the prominent use of the customers by its efficient and extraordinary specifications. These devices are easy to use and simple to install making them one of the efficient gadgets of this era.

With a wide degree of viewing capability and zoom in and zoom out functionality, the device sophisticates the viewers to check out each and every pinpoint of the area. Fortunately, these are not the only functionalities which make these device one of the demanding gadgets of this generation, there are a whole lot of features which makes this device supreme than others, to secure your home. The functionalities and features are far way beyond your imagination which provides you that sort of security even which you never realize throughout your life.

Here are the characteristics of the Drop cam which makes them superior to others.

  1. Tremendous HD video quality with the latest image sensors and upgraded optics which delivers brighter and sharper videos.
  2.  Enable of connecting with the other device via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, Takes around 60 seconds to set up, which is tremendously shortest time manually setup any device within the home.
  3.  Provides the wide view of around 130 degree which is enough to almost cover the front zone of the area. The cameras are also being capable of zoom in and zoom out functionality providing you to capture each and every clip of the zone.
  4. What makes the view feature, more interesting for the customers is its Night vision, which also allows the user to monitor the location even in the Night so that you won’t miss anything.
  5. Cloud view recording- Clips or the videos recorded by your camera gets a store on the cloud storage, allowing the users to watch them anytime from the recording timeline. The camera can store the 30 days back video storage which you can access anytime from anywhere with the Dropcam cloud feature. Daily routines of activities get highlighted on the storage feature of cloud which can be viewed and reviewed any time of the day.

Here are the steps to share the video through the password protected link with the Drop cam camera

  1. Visit the Dropcam app through your device which is connected to the network
  2. Now the screen will prompt you to select your camera, click on it. After that click on the settings button located on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Now, go to camera sharing option.
  4. The system will provide you with two options, the first one will allow you to share the video with the password and the second one will allow you to share publicly.
  5. If you want to share the video along with the password for only those users who want to catch you video stream, then you have to share the link as well as the password you have set.
  6. If you want to allow everyone to see your video stream, then click on share publicly.
  7. As soon as you decide, click on the agree button and then tap on the share button to confirm.
  8. The screen is going to prompt you for typing the password. Set the password for your device. There must be at least eight characters with upper as well as the lower case characters. The Passphrase along with the characters must contain one symbol as well as one number.
  9. The minute you are done with the above step, click on the share button.
  10. You cannot use the above password in the security of your Nest app, as it will degrade down the security level of your device.
  11. The user has been given the power to change the password but you do not have the power to customize the link

Stop sharing the gadget with the other users

Drop cam also gives the major concern on the security of the customers as they provide the authority to the user to even allow them to stop sharing the camera with the other users. They also have the alternative to stop sharing or changing the link, as this is the most secure and safe way to put a break on your device to share the details with the other users.

Here are the methods to stop sharing the video stream through your camera

  1. Tap on the bar icon of the Nest app and sign in to it.
  2. Fill up the sign in credentials to successfully enter into the app.
  3. Now, locate the camera in which you want to stop the sharing.
  4. Select the camera and after that click on settings button residing on the top right corner of your screen.
    Note: Settings button will probably with the setting symbol.
  5. Now tap on camera sharing option.
  6. The screen will also provide with you an option to even stop sharing the camera

How to perform Dropcam setup?

Setting up these cameras within your home or office can be the smartest move to avoid any mishap within that area with this high-security camera. The camera has been customized with the motion-alert system and with the night vision to even provide you with the highly preserved security during the night.

Here are the steps to set up the drop cam camera

  1. First, unpack the box of your drop cam camera and put all the gears within that box over a table.
  2. Now, turn over your camera and locate the port behind it. Insert one end of the micro USB cable into that port and the other end right into the port of your PC.
dropcam setup
  1. The interface of your drop camera will pop up on the screen.
  2. The screen will now prompt you to either signup or sign in to the account. In case, if it happens to be your existing account then signs in by typing down the correct details. If you are the new user then click on the sign-up tab for signup
  3. As soon as you have completed the above process, the system will ask you to connect with the network, type down the password to successfully connect with the network
  4. It takes couples of seconds, after that click on Next button appears on the screen.
  5. Now unplug your camera wire from the system, and plug it into the power outlet.
  6. Now go through the personalization settings of the camera and your camera gets fully set up.

How to stop the notifications of Drop cam login which are appearing two at the same time?

The user can simply turn off the notifications from the Drop cam app. If you have both of the apps Nest as well as of the Dropcam, then you will receive notifications of both the app. As long as you are having both of these apps installed in your phone, you will receive each and every notification through your phone. The Drop cam app will automatically stop on May 1, 2018, and it is going to stop sending the notifications

drop cam installation

How to connect Dropcam with your Smartphone?.

It’s obvious for every camera now to have the capability to connect it through your phone, not only through the Wi-Fi range but also with the help of Internet Connectivity. These cameras are contributed largely with their motion detecting features and night visions. Right from the start when you set up these cameras along with your system, you can also connect them through your phone with the help of its Drop cam app which is also being operable now from the Nest aware app.

Here are the simple guidelines to download the Dropcam through your Smartphone.

  1. Go to the Google store or android store of your Smartphone, tap on the search button type down drop cam app.
  2. As soon as the bar icon of the Drop cam app appears on the screen, you can download it by tapping on the install button.
  1. Allow the process to finish and eventually tap on the icon of Drop cam app to open it.
  2. Type your Dropcam login credentials if you are the existing user and if you are new tap add new on the Home signup/login screen.
  3. Tap on the settings button resided on the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Click on Add product button.
  5. Make sure you are connected to the Wi-Fi of your region, as soon as you see the product name on the list, click on it.
  6. And you will completely be connected with your camera.

How to remove the person from sharing the Dropcam login?

In some circumstances, the user also has to remove some users from sharing their Dropcamlogin. An individual can also do that with through the interface of the Drop cam setup. You can remove the person through all the tags, which gives him or her power to access any type of info or detail residing within your camera. You can not only disclaim the tag of a person but can also exchange the person from the list.

Here are the steps to remove an individual from your Dropcam login setup

  1. Locate the bar icon of your Nest app home screen.
  2. Tap on the settings option resided on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Go to Family and guests option.
  4. The list of the member to whom you have allowed the access of your Drop cam home will shrug down on the screen.
  5. Click on an individual or the member to whom you want to remove from the list.
  6. Now, tap remove access.
  7. The screen will prompt you to remove the person from the list by asking you to tap on the confirm button.

Dropcam is a cloud-based Wi-Fi video monitoring device which records video and lets you stay connected to your homes, offices, people and pets. It also allows you to receive activity alerts on your tablets, smartphone or computer. You can also add optional Cloud Video Recording (CVR) to access the videos from the past week or month.

Dropcam Setup step by step:

Before you start, bring your Dropcam and your computer to that spot in your home where you will set up your camera. Place your camera in some safe place near to the location where you want to mount it.

The Dropcam is quite easy to install and setup. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes approximately to complete the configuration. The Dropcam cameras have Wi-Fi features which enable flexible placing of the camera and enables remote viewing on mobile devices using a downloaded app. An online interface allows you to watch streaming videos on your computer or a laptop which is connected to the internet through a Dropcam login account.

  • Plug the camera into a PC F
  • Plug your camera into the USB port of your computer using a USB cable. The camera Led located in the front will glow yellow light indicating that the camera is getting started. The light will start to blink after a few moments.
  • After your camera finishes starting up, an autorun pop up window prompts to run the installed application and to begin with the Dropcam installation on your computer by double clicking on the Dropcam installer and Dropcam setup icon for your computer uses.
  • A browser will be launched which guides you to create a free account or sign into the existing Dropcam account if you have one.
  • Create a new account and login to the Dropcam access page. The camera then automatically detects any accessible Wi-Fi networks. Wait for few seconds to let the list of Wi-Fi networks to appear and then choose your preferred network.Note: Ensure to connect to a wireless network only that you trust. It might take some time to connect to your Wi-Fi network. If you are unable to see your network or your camera fails to connect to your network, try troubleshooting.
  • Next, you will be asked to enter your SSID and password and choose a name for your camera which matches its location. You can select a location from the list or you can select Custom from the bottom of the list to type in your own name.

Dropcam setup using Mobile Device

The Dropcam setup can also be done using mobile devices through Bluetooth without using a computer. The setup through mobile devices requires not just Bluetooth but Bluetooth LE and it is required that your device should support Bluetooth LE. For this you will have to:

  • Put on your Bluetooth and ensure that your device is discoverable.
  • Plug your Dropcam into a power source and you will see the LED of the camera blinking yellow light and placed near the mobile device.
  • Scan for the devices that are available from your mobile device and select your camera from the discovered devices list.
  • Follow the prompts further to complete the process. Make sure you have an available and active Wi-Fi network.
  • If you want to set up remote access you can download an app from Google app store and get remote access so that you can view capabilities while you are on the move. The app comes with features as alerts which are fully customizable, allows footage review and gives access to live video streaming. You can also turn the Dropcam on or off and talk to pets or people directly as well. You can set up cloud recording which helps you save large amounts of videos so that you view them later.
  • Once the Dropcam setup is done, you can place Dropcam anywhere on a flat surface or mount on a wall where there is WIFI available.

To mount your Dropcam login

  1. To mount your camera, you will have to unplug the USB cable from your computer and then plug it into your camera’s power adapter.
  2. Then plug your camera into an outlet wherever you want to install it.
  3. Dropcam login
  4. To access your Dropcam cameras for some advanced settings or anything, you will have to log in for Dropcam with very simple steps:
  5. Launch the web browser you prefer to use.
  6. Type and enter as the login address to log in for Dropcam.
  7. You will then be redirected to the Dropcam login
  8. Type the email address and the password and fill in the entire login details correctly.
  9. Press enter key and you will then again be redirected to Dropcam’s configuration page.

Dropcam login for Mac

To set up your Dropcam using a Mac device, follow the steps below:

  • To start, you have to connect your Dropcam with your Mac computer. If you are using indoor Dropcam, attach the USB cable to the provided Micro USB port but in case of the outdoor Dropcam, the USB is permanently attached with it.
  • Connect the other end of the USB cable to USB port of your Mac computer.
  • As soon as you attach the USB cable with your Mac computer system for Dropcam login access, you will see a pop-up window appears on the screen.
  • If you are unable to find any pop up for the Mac system, you can try to locate the Dropcam setup icon manually. For this
  • Go to the “Devices” option,
  • Under that locate the icon for Dropcam setup.
  • Click on the “Setup” option and you will be directed to a web browser window which has default address login in the address bar.
  • Enter the login details for Dropcam login but in case you do not have any account for Dropcam login, you can select the “Sign Up” option. Fill in the details and continue further.
  • Select and enter a unique name for your Dropcam camera which will then be used to manage the Dropcam settings easily if you want to add more devices in the list.

Dropcam WiFi connectivity issues

  • Disconnect the router on your home network from the power source.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds and then plug in the power for your router once again.
  • Your router starts automatically within a few minutes.
  • Double check the WiFi connections across your home network. If none of your devices is getting the WiFi connectivity, contact your internet service provider for required help.

WiFi does not economize the password

  • Ensure that you have entered the correct password for the WiFi connectivity.
  • Try to enter the password once again if this can solve any connectivity issue.
  • Internet firewall connections issue
  • Unplug your Dropcam camera from the main power supply.
  • Cross check if your WiFi connections are working properly or not.
  • Also, check your firewall settings as they may be preventing the DropCam from accessing the WiFi connections.
  • Now login to your Dropcam

If you Forgot Dropcam Login Password

  • Launch your preferred web browser and enter login as the Dropcam login address in the address bar.
  • Type all the required login details for Dropcam login.
  • And then select the option “Forgot Password” which will then guide you further.

If the LED status light is off or not working:

  • Check if your Dropcam is plugged in properly.
  • Also, check if your power cable is not damaged or broken and plugged in properly at both ends.
  • Make sure that the Status light is not disabled in settings. You can check this by plugging your camera into your PC and then installing the Dropcam’s software. Access your camera’s settings and check to disable or enabling the status light option and select enable the status light option.
  • Check if the motherboard is working properly.

White and black video Images

If the videos in the video feed are showing no color even during the daytime, there can be two possibilities:

  • Night vision may have been enabled in the settings. To disable the night vision, you will have to plug your camera into a PC and install the Dropcam’s software.
  • Access the settings of the camera and check for disabling or enabling the night vision option. Ensure that you have set this option to ‘Auto’.
  • The camera LEDs may not be working properly. Plug the camera into a power source and remove its lid. Try to check if any LEDs are not lit and if not, you will replace the LED.

Distorted Video

If the videos in the feed are not clear or distorted, try to check the following:

  • The camera lens may not be clean due to the deposit of dust on it. You should clean the camera lens using a clean cloth to wipe the dust or smudges.
  • The lens might have not been placed correctly or have shifted. It needs to be corrected to restore the video quality; you can do try to remove and then replace the lens and tighten the screws and check if it has solved your issue.
  • It is possible that your lens might be broken or damaged and needs replacement.